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Street Dutch

Street Dutch is a Dutch to English dictionary designed to help busy people on the go to learn Dutch.

Click here or put in the link below into your iPhone or iPod Touch to try it out for yourself.


Street Dutch came about through our own attempt to learn Dutch.  We found that existing dictionaries didn't meet our needs.  So, we decided to make our own.


  • Mobile -- The dictionary needs to go where you go.  You never know when you need to look a word up.  On the train, at a restaurant, and reading the newspaper on a park bench are all places that a dictionary might be useful.  This is why we designed Street Dutch for the mobile phone.
  • Contains everyday words -- It is very frustrating to try looking a word up in the dictionary only to find it isn't there.  That is why we included all the word forms, not just the root word.
  • Browsable -- If you miss the feel of a book where you can just flip through the pages and look up the words, that catch your eye, then this feature is for you.  With the swipe of a finger, you can scroll through the words in the dictionary.
  • Extendable -- We are not perfect.  At this point, the current version of Street Dutch contains about 25,000 frequently used words.  It is very likely that you may come across words not in our dictionary.  So, we made it is possible for you to request new words to be added to the Dictionary.
  • Free -- Yes, the Street Dutch web application is free to use for noncommercial purposes. 

In Development

We are constantly trying to improve Street Dutch. To read about how Street Dutch is evolving and changing.  Read the weblog here.

Screen Shots

Here are a few screen shots of Street Dutch in action:

Search for keek in the dictionary

Street Dutch Search for keek

Take a look at the translation for keek aan

Street Dutch Expanded View of aankijken

Take a look at the translation for huizen

Street Dutch Expanded View of huizen